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Pathfinder Business Analysis is greatly involved in providing high quality research and data management.

Pathfinder Business Analysis is greatly involved in providing high quality research and data management.

We always endeavor in offering effective along with efficient data and research processing for all type of businesses, within the cut-off date. Our up-to-the-minute technological assets highly enable us in providing the products and its services at an agreed level with optimum costs. We also afford an assurance towards the security of the client's data and information preserving confidentiality. We are equipped with more than 500 experienced analysts working over the research activities at Pathfinder, for the diversified domains like real estate, finance, and judgment recovery. The research is conducted online as well as via the tele-calling services. We make each research material to undergo rigorous reviews, to ensure highest quality, gratifying our clients.

The Data engineering services are furthermore provided with the following sub-offerings:

  •   Asset Research
  •   Client set up and management
  •   Content development and publishing
  •   Data processing and analysis
  •   Electronic payment and collection processing
  •   Email service and support
  •   End-to-end back office activities
  •   Image research
  •   Invoice Management
  •   Judgment Research
  •   Market research and analysis
  •   Marketing
  •   Online Data Collection and Maintenance

Pathfinder's services are unique when compared to the other challengers, adding a competitive advantage for each of our services.

With our services, we constantly ensure timely delivery on all our projects with exceptional quality, which is always the watchword at Pathfinder. Our business axiom is to generate files with High quality/accuracy with intelligible client utilization. The web research process with us is down-to-earth and efficient as we converse in the client's languages,

where we don't entail any tutoring or guidance, on the dynamics of the clients' niche. Our team of skilled research executives and data analysts incessantly goes through various rigorous in-house process training. The sample files will be decisively assessed and reviewed. As a result we highly ensure that rework is an alien term for our professionals.

We research, develop and evaluate client specifications, applying innovative personalization.

We at Pathfinder is working over the client's fulfillment in each of our endeavors, by helping the client grow and improvise their business performance, through effective along with efficient data and research processing. We also afford an assurance towards the security of the client's data and preserve them confidentiality.

The diverse client benefits are presented by our employees through of improved customer experience, increased customer loyalty, enhanced revenues, managed costs without compromising quality etc., has lead us with a huge customer base.

With a customer receptive environment, we offer various means of Inbound or Outbound Customer Services.

Pathfinder offers a 24/7 support for its customers by the use of sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and Customer Data Management systems, to sustain a better association. Based on our services, we are predetermined in prompt delivery, supporting Customer's preferences.

We are teamed with professionals, who have a strong communication base in all regional languages, eradicating the communication barrier involved, promoting an at-home environment for the clients.

Besides a resource group of highly skilled and trained individuals focused on Multi-tasking, we offer a wide range of services in both Voice functionalities (Inbound and Outbound) for our Customers.

Be it Inbound Customer Service, Technical Support, Application Support to Outbound Market Research, Collections, Lead Generation, Profiling, Accreditations, Sales or whatever, we are capable of tuning it up within the deadline. In short, anything that requires a Human touch or a Human Voice touch!

Offering various services in accordance with Customer's preferences, we take over the Voice and Non-Voice customer support service industry, with contemporary technology assets.

This enables us in providing services and products to the clients on the settled service levels, at optimum costs. We incessantly offer assurance towards the security of data and information of our customers, preserving our goodwill amongst them.

The Customer supporting services mainly focuses in quality monitoring,with set and defined samples to ensure consistency across all processes, irrespective of an Inbound or Outbound Process.

The information collected during Quality Monitoring is used for agent development by 1:1 coaching and process development, analyzing gaps to define refresher, remedial and new hire training.

As a prominent industry, client's inclination is the focal objective for every single project at Pathfinder.

In Voice Customer Support services, the Clients tend to grow their business and enhance their performance through various effective, efficient and constant contacts with their Customers, through any medium, be it a phone call or a simple E-mail.

Our clients are highly benefitted by the improved Customer service, raised Customer loyalty, enhanced business revenues and above all, managed costs without periling the quality in any means.

We are equipped with a strong backend team, constantly assisting with Data Mining, Research, Software Engineering & IT support, to ensure the availability of ample data and smooth functioning of applications and a reduced downtime of systems and processes.

Hence our backend team serves as the backbone of our services, resulting in best and high quality output.

Pathfinder is highly flexible towards its customers and is greatly secured towards the customer's software services.

The software we engineer and offer is flexible, scalable, and has low operating costs. Our software engineering services assist our clients in the quantifiable approach in the process of development and operations.

Our service also acts in a systematic approach, maintaining and reengineering programs for a better outcome.

With the increasing needs of such services, we ensure best-in-quality delivery by designing and offering various unique models for each customer.

In order to uphold the customer base for a long-term, we follow various industrial enhanced standards rigidly.

The software engineering services we offer are additionally provided with the following sub-offerings:

  •   Custom Programming
  •   Database Design
  •   Internet Application Development
  •   Intranet Application Development
  •   Distributed Application Development

Our team of expertise expends a great deal of time, in analyzing and understanding the entire band of needs and design of the customers.

We accordingly are able to provide solutions with a very strong foundation, with a detailed insight into each and every functionality. Consequently, we help our clients with on-time delivery of projects with improved ROI, making our company stand erect in the view of our customers.

We are scheduled to follow the best practices of coding and implementation, and also ensure that the applications are user-friendly and cost effective. Our developers are trained frequently, and are equipped with brand new technologies and best practices, augmenting to their abilities.

We are equipped with a strong backend team, ensuring maximum benefits and smooth functionality offers for our clients.

At Pathfinder, we always are all-set in identifying the exact customer needs and offering solutions meeting their requirements.

We work a pitch above our competitors, with our incessant technology and business changes, delivering high quality reliable and cost-effective software solutions.

We spend adequate time understanding the Customer desires. Our dedicated team of experts focuses entirely towards the consistency with the client requirements. We extend effective service and concerned customer care, enhancing our relationship with our clients.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the most powerful marketing tool in order to promote a company's online presence

Our SEO process usually uses the Meta-tags, organizing a detailed analysis of the keywords and its compactness employing latest SEO tools and techniques.

We desire to get our customers and their products to top the search page and thus our professionals toil through the process of identification of the exact keywords, recognition of the websites traffic, and so on.

Once a client is in need of promoting his brand online product through internet marketing, all they need to do is - visit us and propose their demands

We make it happen by fulfilling every single requirement. Being a promising SEO firm we are present the clients with top 10 search positions, irrespective of their industry. We labor at facilitating the website reach its zenith, by taking it to the first search position. Our dedicated team of experts focuses entirely towards this ethic.

The Search Engine Optimization services offered by Pathfinder are offered with added sub-offerings:

  •   SEO capabilities
  •   Analysis, Research and Consulting
  •   On-page & Off-page SEO
  •   Submission Services
  •   Web Analytics Services
  •   Social Media Marketing Services

For a client's website or a brand to be a popular among the internet marketplace, that has to top the list of the most popular search engine lists

At Pathfinder, our SEO Processes are designed in compliance with Google SEO guidelines, and white hat SEO techniques are strictly followed, to ensure that our clients always get the best SEO services.

We utilize the best SEO techniques to harvest optimum outcomes, favoring this service.

We also unite the best-of-class technologies with committed, experienced and highly skilled SEO team to provide the customers with the best SEO services. We ensure to follow Google SEO guidelines and white Hat SEO technology to get better SERP results.

We propose promising SEO process, promoting the client's brand online, employing sophisticated SEO tools and techniques.

We provide our clients with various link wheel SEO services that are efficient and cost effective. SEO services available are designed to provide maximum website exposure so that their website gets noticed and they receive more internet traffic, which eventually increases their website rankings on various search engines.

With an exceptional team of professionals, we cater perfect content and infrastructural management services.

Content Development:

For any business, the company’s website is the first thing a potential customer interacts with. So, the content should be engaging and should provide the visitor with relevant information, in order to make first and the best impression about your company and business.

We have a team of creative content developers, who works closely with SEO team, to bring out most engaging content that can be found easily by popular search engines. Contents developed are subjected to rigorous reviews to ensure best quality.

As a result, we not only bringing your website on top of search engines, but also bring more potential customers through organized and engaging content.

Remote IT Infrastructure Management Services:

We, at Pathfinder, deliver a 24x7 technical support services with response and resolution times that will meet every single customers requirements. Our offerings are catered for the wide spectrum of SOHO, SMBs, Data Centers and Webhosting Companies. Our technical support services include monitoring and managing the servers (Windows and Linux) /Databases /Networks / Applications. Through our outsourced tech support, the customers can enjoy cost-savings over monitoring and managing their IT components. They will also receive prompt reports / notifications.

As a supplement, we add value by helping them optimize the resources. The customers are included in various instances such as Co-souring, partnering with their existing team, or complete outsourcing. We promote the clients with a working-together environment, providing them with a customized model of their view. Pathfinder has a very flexible business model, enabling a user-friendly usage for our clients. Other than the standard FTE count, hourly and ticket based billing, we are open to models which can be tailor-made for the clients based on their requests. Our Managed Server Support can help you in:

  •   Managing the operational cost and saves you from troubleshooting daily server issues
  •   Focusing on other IT projects
  •   Increase security, stability, server availability, operational efficiency and scalability
  •   Reduce total cost.

At Pathfinder, the consulting services are mainly focused towards the following two sub-offerings:

  •   Content development
  •   Remote IT Infrastructure Management Services

Our content offerings are appropriate and innovative enough to hold the reader's attention, ensuring desired outcomes.

Pathfinder is persistently amending, by a frequent replacement of the existing designs with new featured designs, identifying the need of cost-effective content output.

Our SEO expertise works supporting the clients' presence on the Internet as well.

Each of our service offerings pertain to the industry standards, in line with W3C standards and adhering to various styles.

Recognizing the cost-effective consideration of the clients, we work to promote them with a passionate and customized service proposal.

Being a prominent service provider, we are mainly offering foremost importance to our clients in favor of developing their business through our various ranges of services.

We are enduring towards a cost-effective design development and effective content solutions.

As a chief choice of majority of clients, we proffer them with an enhanced user experiences at their convenience.